Ashton Brothers

De Ashton Brothers zijn Pim Muda, Joost Spijkers en Friso van Vemde.
Zij speelden hun muzikale spektakelshows over de hele wereld, van Parijs tot Toronto en van Budapest tot Edinburgh. Na vijf, door pers en publiek bejubelde, en internationaal bekroonde theatershows ontwikkelden de Ashton Brothers hun zomerfestival Ashtonia waarmee ze de zomers van 2017-2018-2019 tienduizenden mensen naar onder meer Slot Zeist trokken.

Ashton Brothers are mr. Pim Muda, mr. Joost Spijkers and mr. Friso van Vemde. All of Dutch nationality.

While influenced by Monthy Python, the Ashton Brothers are agile, adept and funny enough to fill their shoes
This quote, received in a five star review of UK's edition of METRO sums it all up, really. The Ashton Brothers are a new generation of performing artists: young and reckless but truly skilled. Their work is inspired by old circus and variety acts, modern and traditional music, comedy and slapstick. Acrobatics, pantomime, cabaret, music, dance and songs all featured in their performances.

Some call it punk rock variety theatre, others simply rate it first class entertainment. The fact is that the Ashton Brothers are able to create an extraordinary atmosphere in every theatre where they perform. May it be in their home base of The Netherlands or abroad in Belgium, Spain, Litvania, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland and Canada. In 2007 the Ashton Brothers accompanied his royal highness the Prince of Orange and princess Maxima of the Netherlands to a visit to Slovenia.
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